Task Force Fashion

Task Force Fashion

I am a member of team Maastricht at Task Force Fashion 2020. Together with 5 other designers we research how fashion, or fashion principles can help with the physical and mental health of the children in the city.


Team Maastricht’s research is all about the next generation: How can we improve the mental resilience of kids & youngsters through fashion? How can fashion help them to deal with and express their emotions? And how can this be done in a fun and playful manner?

For their research, Daisy, Esra, Antoine, Anouk x Vera en Iris, interviewed several kids/ youngsters and asked them about their favourite fashion item; is it about style, comfort, a specific colour? By collecting info on the stories behind the clothes they wear, the designers get an insight in their world.

About Task Force Fashion 2020

We are proud to introduce ‘Taskforce Fashion 2020: Residency for Responsible fashion’. Yet again, FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion have joined forces to investigate the relevance and the transforming role of fashion concerning social-cultural issues.

This year, we critically ask the designers of the future:

“As a designer, how would you like to take social responsibility within your practice?”

Together, we will strive to make a positive contribution to the world around us by taking on a growing responsibility; whether it’s by helping the elderly, fighting racism, decreasing segregation or battling any other social-cultural matter that stands in the way of collaboration, mutual understanding and solidarity.

More information

The results of all the Task Force Fashion teams are presented at Textiel Museum Tilburg, 20-01 till 10-04 2022