About Lithe Lab

Lithe Lab is a research and design consultancy that focuses on personal design and innovative concepts in health care. By combining fashion with medical devices and supportive garments and textiles.

The aim of Lithe Lab is to create more options for wearers so they can present themselves in the way they want. The research Lithe Lab does is focused on improving the functional and aesthetic values of these products.

Services that Lithe Lab offers:

  • Research and development of new products and concepts
  • Market research, with personal interviews and surveys
  • Personal design
  • Digital pattern drafting
  • Concept development
  • Workshops and presentations

More about what Lithe Lab can do for you, contact via info@lithelab.com

About Daisy van Loenhout

Daisy started Lithe Lab in 2018 after finishing her Fashion Strategy Master at Artez Fashion Masters in Arnhem. She has a background in fashion design which she studied at Willem de Kooning Academy.

Works for by-wire.net since 2014, first as intern and now as freelance designer and researcher. Within by-wire.net Daisy has responsibilities from research, concept development to design, prototyping and production. She gives presentations and workshops about fashion and technology and assisted with curation of fashion tech exhibitions and a fashion tech book.

During her Bachelor and Master studies Daisy did a variety of internships from High Fashion at Todd Lynn, Fashion Technology at by-wire.net and TU/Eindhoven Wearable Senses Lab to a full R&D process for a new line for A Body Issue.

Since November of 2019 Lithe Lab is part of the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven. A studio, incubator and production facility for innovative fashion where all partners with an interest in Fashion Technology are invited to collaborate.




Mentioned in:

Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures

Weven, jaargang 30 nummer 1

Author/co-author of:

Algorithmic Fashion Aesthetics: Mandelbrot


Lithe Lab is part of :


Lithe Lab was part of :

Body Wonders at Baltan Laboratories during Dutch Design Week 2020

Fashion Tech Expo 2020 at Fashion Tech Farm Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2020

'Innovatieve mode en slim textiel' at Museum de Kantfabriek Horst

Unfolding Fashion Tech Exhibition at Onomatopee during Dutch Design Week 2018

Fashion? Future Design for the present at Dutch Design Week 2018

OE-A competition at LOPEC 2017

Curator/ co-curator of:

Fashion? Future Design for the present at Dutch Design Week 2018

Future of Fashion at Material Experience 2018