Commissioned by Holst Centre to co-design and produce a garment with vibration motors.

Body Wonders from Baltan Laboratories on Vimeo.

Body Wonders is a designed (touch) experience to let people feel the potential of haptic feedback in smart clothing.
What kind of messages, feelings, emotions can we evoke through touch? What is the potential of this unexplored sensorial dimension? What if we could feel information on our skin?

A communication that is mainly visual, a sense that nowadays is overstimulated compared to the other ones. We are underusing our touch both to grasp our surroundings and to communicate with each other. The aim of this project is to explore touch as a channel and new language, the skin as a new interface in a future screen less society.

The experience is possible through a smart garment containing 14 haptic motors positioned all over the trunk and arms to create a variety of vibrotactile patterns, used as a canvas for 4 different test phases. Through these phases, a couple of participants (one operator and one receiver) will explore how to communicate simple instruction through touch over distance, how to interpret stimuli and react to them but also to get to know the medium, to learn its language and acquire a new tactile awareness.

Body wonders was featured in VPRO Mondo and RTL Nieuws